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Comfort in the field

The wind blows and moves to the beat the ears of the field. At the same time, the patron walks through the place supervising the harvest. The employees perform the same routine, the donkeys are carrying the recommended weight and, as the work is strong, everyone stops at times to rest and cool off with a little water. Apparently everything is going well, except for something unusual: among the employees you see a foreign woman and alien to others. Something is not right in her ... Her concentrated and at the same time lost look showed in a certain way a pain that takes inside, a damaged heart that is guided of the suffering to subsist. The employer's eyes focus on her and she quickly asks who she is. "It's Ruth, the Moabitess!" They said. He recognized her, he had heard before about her, about the tragic loss of her husband, who left his nation to follow his mother-in-law, among other things perhaps. Maybe the fidelity of this woman moved him, or perhaps the pain that was read in his eyes or even his poverty, we do not know. But Boaz feels the need to talk to her, then he approaches and offers everything in his field. She even orders her servants not to disturb her and she is also kind and gentle. Boaz honors her, but Ruth still wonders why.

And Boaz answering, said to him: I have learned everything that you have done with your mother-in-law after the death of your husband, and that leaving your father and mother and the land where you were born, you have come to a town that you did not know before. May the Lord reward your work, and let your reward be fulfilled from the Lord God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to take refuge.

These beautiful words brought healing to Ruth's heart. The same words you would hear when life hits you with a loss, a separation, a problem and you turn to God and make decisions based on Him. God never arrives late, he comes at the right moment to comfort our hearts and above all to restore them .

"And she said: My lord, let me find grace before your eyes; because you have comforted me, and because you have spoken to the heart of your servant, although I am not even one of your servants. "
(Rut 2: 11-13)

(This story is in the Bible, read it: Rut 2)

Ruth was faithful and in everything she behaved in the best way, however, that did not make the pain leave her heart. That only took her to the field and it was in the field where she found consolation. Maybe today you need to go to the country, to that place where you will find comfort. While it is true, there is not always a person, but God always it is there. He knows your heart, and if he knows it, only he knows how to repair it. You can trust him.

Por on the other hand, maybe today you feel that you should call or write to someone you know is having a difficult time. You may be the instrument of God to bring comfort to a heart today.

Pastor Sebastián Alencastre

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