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Hospital beds

Popular music has a song that has been a success for many years and the lyrics for the protagonist is sad because of the abandonment in which he feels in a hospital bed. The song is called "the empty bed" by Oscar Agudelo. Its letter says thus:

"In a gloomy hospital where I was hospitalized almost agonizing and surrounded by a sepulchral silence, with his usual tenderness, which always proved ..." In that solitude sends a letter to a friend who says "... I can not tell you that I'm better, I'm a skeleton that gives me horror ... the letter is to tell you that if you can one day come to keep me company you loved me so much ... so many friends of mine, none has come to see me "

The beds, even if they are not a hospital but that shelter a sick person, cause sadness because the company disappears and loneliness deepens. What this patient undoubtedly did not know is that there is a better company than that of a friend, because in those moments there are no friends. The one who never abandons us is our beloved Jesus, who is always there when men fail and when we need that special coat that only He can give. Even if you do not see it, He is there with you. Even though you can not hear it, He is sending you messages of comfort and power, because from the time of Isaiah there was a promise that by his wounds we would be healed and many centuries later this promise is being fulfilled and that is why Jesus went to the cross , so that we could be healed of our diseases.

Isaiah 53: 4-5
He certainly took our diseases, and suffered our pains; and we felt him scourged, wounded by God and dejected. 5 But he was wounded for our rebellions, crushed for our sins; the punishment of our peace was upon him, and by his stripes we were healed.

Jorge and Mariella Santos