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You keep what you promise!

Many did not understand what this woman was doing. As she walked she hummed one of the last lullabies she would sing to her baby and a tear wet her cheeks, but her feet didn't stop until she reached the doors of the temple. I can imagine a sad heart and eyes full of tears. This woman, Ana, was giving her only son, her miracle, her one-year-old baby, to the service of God. No one understood the decision of this "denatured" mother, but there was something greater than the feelings of a mother, something much greater than watching a child grow up. Above all else, she had made a promise to God.
(This story is in the bible, read it: 1 Samuel 1)

Ana could not have children and suffered a lot because of it. Until one day, he promised God that if he gave her a son, she would give him to him. I don't know about you, but sometimes when we are in need, we ask God for a miracle or to bless us with / in something, and at the same time we promise God many things if he moves "FIRST". So when He complies and then we have to do our part, many times we are filled with excuses such as: "God, understand that right now it is difficult", or "I need one (and even another) confirmation", and "Suddenly this is not of God ”, etc. But that's when it's our turn. Where many of us fail to deliver on what we promise.

Do you know what's funny? God always fulfills his promise first than you. So that you have reached the dilemma of having to decide whether to fulfill your promise or not, it is because you feel that you are obligated, because God fulfilled first, it was never the other way around. Think about this:

ÉHe did not save us first and then send the Savior, first He fulfilled his promise to send his son to suffer each lash that was given him, each blow, each nail in his hands ... And all because the Father had to fulfill a promise he had made to humanity.

Remember that the last words of Jesus were "IT IS FINISHED", which also means "FULFILLED PROMISE".

Do you remember that promise you made to God? Perhaps today the Holy Spirit is bringing that promise to memory. Then do not give it back, just take it! I assure you that no matter how difficult it is, you will find eternity in it.

Deuteronomy 23: 21-23
When you vow to Jehovah your God, do not delay in paying it; for Jehovah your God will certainly demand of you, and it would be sin in you.
But when you abstain from promising, there will be no sin in you.
But whatever came out of your lips, you will keep it and keep it, as you promised to the LORD your God, by paying the voluntary offering you promised with your mouth.

Pastor Sebastián Alencastre

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