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Indescribable Bliss

With some frequency the affairs of everyday life do not usually go as we would like and next to that the other things around us seem to follow the same path. The work does not work as we would like, the children rebel, the notes of the youngest daughter are not the best and as if something was needed, the marriage seems more asleep, than half awake.

When all matters are like this, our head is in a knot without a point to pull. Everything seems dead and unattractive. This is how Mary Magdalene saw life from three in the afternoon when the Master whom she loved had died on the cross. Life seemed meaningless to her and the horrible pain in her heart had no name. Gaunt, disheveled and walking senseless and full of sadness, she approached the grave the next morning and found an empty grave.

Lor dark it became full of life and its sadness in joy. His heart was full, no longer of sadness but of indescribable bliss because the Master had been resurrected by the power of God. When something that is dead or paralyzed, without hope and brought back to life produces indescribable bliss.

The same power that resurrected Jesus is the same power that resuscitates all your affairs, the one that gives life back to your marriage and is the power that returns the children to the parents!
But none of this happens without struggling through prayer to activate the power of life that God gives to resurrect what is lost. We have to go through a dark night to have a clear day full of hope and if we want calm and peace, these only come after the storms.

1 Corintios 6: 14
And God, who raised the Lord, will also raise us up with his power.

Jorge and Mariella Santos