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Drug labels

When the doctor prescribes a medication, we go to the pharmacy and buy exactly what he has prescribed in the formula. The label informs about the amount of active substance that has and the other excipients are not mentioned if not involved in the acronym: "Excipients csp" These excipients can be one, two, three or more substances that allow the drug to be stable over time, have sufficient hardness and do not deteriorate quickly, apart from other properties.

The warnings say: "hypersensitivity to the active substance". Everything is studied and directed mainly to the active substance, but also the excipients produce allergic phenomena or intolerance, along with other undesirable phenomena. This is precisely what is not seen, what is hidden in one of these substances and that can cause some damage.

EThe Lord speaks to us of those things also. People see in us what is perceived in the external, but also, as the excipients, there may be hidden things inside each one of us that at a given moment can come out and harm us or harm other people. These things were introduced by ourselves at some time and we need to divest ourselves of them because if they remain in the heart of sure they will come at the least opportune moment. Let us take care that what people see in us is also what is stored in their hearts because life flows from them, and what the Lord asks us to do is walk with straight steps.

Proverbial 4: 22-27
My son, he is attentive to my words; Tilt your ear to my reasons. 21 Do not turn away from your eyes; Keep them in the middle of your heart; 22 Because they are life to those who find them, And medicine to their whole body. 23 On everything stored, keep your heart; Because of it flows life. 24 Take away from you the wickedness of the mouth, and put away the iniquity of the lips from you. 25 Your eyes look straight, And direct your eyelids towards what is before you. 26 Examine the path of your feet, And all your ways be straight. 27 Do not deviate to the right or to the left; Remove your foot from evil.