Av. Arequipa 5198, Lima - Peru
Cultural Center Ccori Wasi Av. Arequipa 5198

Groups at home

In Home Groups, all as a family, we study and know more about our good God! We believe that our growth and maturity in Jesus is vital in our lives to become more and more like Him every day. Home groups are designed to learn and grow as a family, where we can share the word of God, intercede for one another and grow spiritually

Join us in one of our 3 groups:

• Miraflores Tuesday - 7:30 pm

• Los Olivos Wednesday - 7: 30pm

• Surco Wednesday - 7:30 pm

• La Molina Thursday - 7: 30pm

• San Miguel Thursday - 7: 30pm

If you want more information you can write us at info@iglesialaciudad.pe