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It's not about the seed

I live in wonder with the great faith stories I find in the Bible. I read of a Moses who was in charge of freeing the people of Israel from the slavery that lived in Egypt, a Noah who, without seeing a single cloud in heaven, believed God and built an immense ark to "save himself from the flood that was to come ", Or my favorite, Abraham, who left the land he knew and went to the place that" God would show him ". (If you think, before everything was deserted, if you wanted to go to a specific town, you followed a specific route, and Abraham did not have it, but he obeyed by faith) And without going so far or so far back in time, I have heard stories of men and women of this century who also believed God and achieved much. People who did not have a sun in their pocket for the project that God had put in their hearts, but acted by faith and God provided. Will we have the same amount of faith? Will it be big enough to do something that impacts?

... I assure you that if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can tell this mountain: "Move from here to there," and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you. "(Matthew 17: 20)

The grain or mustard seed is as small as the tip of a pencil. Was Jesus really saying that our faith should be like this? So small? Yes. It was not because you had a great faith that others did great things, and you, because you have a little faith, you will do little things. Do not! Jesus himself said that faith the size of a mustard seed would move a great mountain ... Because you know, if I start thinking about mi faith and in the size of mi I am not having the right perspective, that is, I am focusing on myself and my ability to make God work. It must not be like this! Because it's not about us, it's about him. It is about believing in His power, in His love, in His wisdom, in His sovereignty. Why am I going to focus on myself if I know how I am? Weak, inconstant, sometimes I doubt, I am afraid ... We are not perfect. And here is where I want to remind you another story of Jesus:

Master, I brought you my son who has a mute spirit, and whenever he seizes it, he knocks it down, froths, gnats his teeth and is wasting away. […] And when the spirit saw Jesus, it instantly shook the boy violently, and he fell to the ground and rolled around foaming. Jesus asked the father: How long has this happened to him? And he replied: From his childhood. […] If you can do something, have mercy on us and help us. Jesus said to him: "How else can you?" All things are possible for the one who believes. Instantly the boy's father screamed and said: I believe; help me in my unbelief. "
[Read the full story in Mark 9: 14-29]

I love the father's response! With those words, he admits the imperfection of his faith, admits that he just simply can not: Humility.

LThe source and object of true faith, even that as small as a mustard seed, is God. Not you or me, just God. So do not get frustrated or tortured by thinking about the size of your faith, but concentrate on putting it in the right hands: the hands of God. Believe with all your heart that He can work miracles, transform lives, provide, restore, always according to His perfect will. Remember one more time: It's not about you, it's about Him. And He, our God, can do everything :)

Lucas 1: 37
"Because nothing is impossible for God."

- What is my faith in?
- Do I have faith in God or in myself?

Put it into practice:
1 If for some reason you feel doubt, ask God to help you believe. Have the humility of the father.
2 Seek your faith in the right hands and let God work.
3 Share this devotional with a friend.

Pastor Debbie Pérez de Alencastre

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