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We are very happy that you are here today!
We are a bilingual church that meets in Miraflores, Lima. Our prayer is that you can accompany us in this challenge to make disciples and win more lives for Christ. The City is a family of faith and we are happy to think that we will walk together in the same spirit, fulfilling God's purpose for our lives. We are called to impact cities for the gospel. We believe and base our life in Christ and we seek to be more like Him every day. Our desire is that you can accompany us to know God in a supernatural way and that you see the Bible as your manual of life.

Pastors Sebastian and Debbie Alencastre

Our story

The church La Ciudad was founded by pastor Josh Foliart with the idea of ​​building a bilingual and multicultural church. On 12 Sunday in January, 2014 was the official start of its services, meeting one Sunday a month at the facilities of the Hotel El Polo.

During this time, volunteers from other churches came to support the work of Pastor Josh Foliart. It was possible to have a music team, in addition to having families that could support permanently.
In each meeting, the Church grew more in number, and that is why in April, La Ciudad moved to the Cineplanet of La Rambla Shopping Center, in San Borja, with the idea of ​​having services every Sunday at 10 : 30 am.

In November of 2014, Pastor Sebastian Alencastre was invited to be the co-pastor of the church, assisting Pastor Josh Foliart with the organizational work of the church.

It was between the months of March and April of the 2015 that the pastors Foliart invited Ps. Sebastian and his wife to become the lead pastors of the church, because in the month of July the Foliart family would return to the United States, obeying the call of God.

This is how the June 07 of the 2015 Sebastián and Debbie Alencastre became the lead pastors of La Ciudad, implementing a consolidation plan for the church from July.

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We are a family of faith
Geraldine Garrido

Reaching the church The City was a prayer answered by the Lord. I feel at home surrounded by a great family receiving a fresh word and learning more and more

Geraldine GarridoVisitor
Luciana Pinasco

La Ciudad is the Church where I have been able to really learn from the Word, from what God wants for my life, each of the Pastor's sermons has been of great help for my growth as a Christian and above all it has helped me to understand what God wants from us as his children.

Luciana PinascoVisitor
César Pino

My testimony with the La Ciudad revolves around the brotherhood that exists in the church, from the beginning I could feel at home, enjoy the love that the Lord gives us through our brothers and sisters in Christ

César PinoVisitor