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Moses reminds Israel of the promise that God had given them, they had long time wandering in the desert and it was necessary that they be reminded again of taking the land that he swore to his ancestors. Apparently they were so comfortable in the place where they were ...

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Bring the bramble

The curriculum of this man was impressive: he was proficient in science, an expert in all kinds of administrative matters and law in the court. He had been educated by the best sages of the royal palace and even treated as if he were the heir of the Pharaoh of Egypt. But the sad ...

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The challenge of the Jordan

Joshua faced his first challenge: crossing the huge Jordan River. They had spent 3 days, the town was still camping in front of the river, and Joshua still had not received instructions from God, something that told him "how to cross the Jordan". The last thing God had said was: Everyone knew that God had ...

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