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Your prison the place of worship!

Prayers and chants of two men are heard throughout the prison. Apparently, he comes from the maximum security cell: Pablo and Silas sing and pray, they have shackles in their ankles and they can not move, they have been beaten, beaten and accused of being preaching of a God that Rome has not recognized. That same afternoon they were humiliated throughout the city of Philippi. Everyone learned that there were Jewish men talking about a certain Jesus, and many laughed at the thought that by the next day they would be dead. Paul and Silas were in prison for obeying an order from God: "Go to the city of Macedonia and preach". But why would God allow them to be judged in that way? Possibly the next morning they would be decapitated. It is strange to think that God himself will take his children to the mouth of the wolf, right? But instead of complaining, they pray and praise God, wow! They knew that they were in the right place, even if it did not seem like the ideal. They were obeying their God and did not complain, but they raised a place of worship in that prison. The prayers and chants of Paul and Silas went directly to the personal line of God, who sent an earthquake and the cells opened. God was helping his children!

Now, notice this: In prison, Paul and Silas did not preach the word, but the people seeing what they suffered and what God did for them, believed. The next day, both went free with the highest honors that a prisoner could have. The same authorities went to apologize and even escorted them. The whole city of Philippi learned that there was a God who frees his servants from prison, and that to free them, he is capable of unleashing an earthquake.
(This story is in the Bible, read it: Acts 16)

Maybe at this moment you are following an order from God, you know that you are in the place where you have to be, but you feel that things are not what you expected. You look at the sky and say: is this why you brought me here? And is that sometimes God allows his children to go through difficult situations being on the right path to teach us, work on us, polish our character, or as in this case, so that people see a miracle in our lives, and believe.
Look what the Bible says:

Salmo 42: 5
"Why am I going to worry? Why am I going to be anguished? In God I will put my hope and I will still praise him. He is my Savior and my God! "

Make your prison or make that difficult situation a place of worship to God. Let Him come to rescue you and regardless of your problems or what you are going through, praise Him for what He is. If it took you down that path, there is a divine purpose. Just hope that soon he will come to rescue you.

- When you go through difficulties or feel frustrated, how do you react?
- Do you think your reaction affects those around you?
Put it into practice:
1 Ask God in prayer to help you address any worry or frustration always towards Him.
2 Ask God to help you discover the purpose of "that" that you may be experiencing today. Ask Him to help you see from His perspective.
3 Share this devotional with a friend.

Pastor Sebastián Alencastre